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Solar Powered Glamping

We recently designed an off-grid power system for a luxury glamping site. The Yurts were entirely powered by solar panels and batteries to supply power for lighting, charging mobile phones and to run a fridge/freezer. The Yurts are supplied with all the home comforts but in a country setting. Beautiful and highly recommended.

04/03/2015 14:25:12

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Deger Solar Trackers

Generate electricity from open spaces, fields and brownfield sites. Install a solar tracker for maximum yield and financial returns.

Bright Green Energy is an official Uk distributor of Deger solar trackers. We have supplied and installed the complete range of solar trackers and our expertise is second to none.

Why you should consider installing a solar tracker.

The Deger solar tracker automatically follows the sun during the course of the day, regardless of the weather conditions and seasons of the year. A solar tracker will generate around 45% more energy than a conventional ground mounted solar array. Solar trackers can be installed anywhere that receives sunlight as the tracker will constantly change the angle and orientation of the solar modules so that they always face the sun.  Every single minuite of sunshine can be collected by the solar tracker which leads to increased solar yield of aroiund 25% for single-axis solar trackers, and 45% for dual axis solar trackers. The resulting increase in energy generation leads to a shorter payback time and higher profits. Deger solar trackers make investing in solar panels a simple decision.

High effiiciency and yields are possible because of Maximum Light Detection (MLD) technology as this ensures that the tracker will always stay orientated towards the bright spot in the sun, regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Solar Trackers for fields, open spaces and brownfield locations

    Deger slar trackers for gardens, farm yards, fields and open spaces.

    Solar trackers can be installed in all sorts of place. From gardens, farm ywards, fields, spare land or wherever you have space you want to make better use of.

  • Solar Tracker for Buildings

    Deger Solar Trackers For Buildings.  Rooftop solar trackers make use of unused roof space.

    Rooftops of public and industrial buildings were previously unused areas but now can accommodate a solar tracker.

  • Huge range of benefits and advantages

    Solar Tracking Systems for UK

    Solar trackers make solar power efficient, cost effective and desireable.

  • Maximum Light Detection (MLD) technology. Sensors that follow the sun.

    Deger Connector - the patented solar tracking sensor

    The Deger solar tracker intelligently and automatically faces the brighest part of the sky to ensure increased yield.

Solar trackers offer numerous advantages over other, similar ground mounted solar systems and include:

  • Occupy less space - solar trackers occupy less space than ground mounted systems.
  • Continued use of land - the land can still be used for other purposes, such as graziing.
  • Increased Yield - up to 45% more energy is generated.
  • Enhanced returns - increased feed in tariff payments.
  • Easy to install - 1-2 days for a fully working solar tracker.
  • Virtually maintenance free - except on the odd occassion
  • Full warranty - 2 years full warranty followed by additional 3 years after registration.
  • Technical support - full technical support, advice and planning advice provided
  • Superb return on investment - get your investment back sooner.
  • Sizes - available in various sizes to suit all budgets and requirements
  • Types - single axis trackers and dual axis trackers available.

Choosing a Solar Tracker

There are two types of solar tracker to choose from:

1. Single axis trackers - known as Top Trackers

The single axis TopTracker is designed for small scale solar arrays or where planning restrictions apply, such as a height restricition. The lower profile Top Tracker would be the ideal solution. They are available in sizes from 8.5m2 to 40m2. Fact: the Deger single axis solar tracker has achieved a world record 31% increase in yield.

For further details visit our Single Axis Trackers page

2. Dual axis trackers

The dual axis tracker can handle solar PV systems from 4kWp (Deger 3000NT, 25m2) to 10kWp (Deger D-100, 70.6m2) and can accommodate ALL makes of solar PV panels.

All solar pv trackers are supplied complete with a Central Control Box (CCB), Windguard and Energy Converter.

At night the solar tracker moves into a horizontal position in order to maximise output from the diffused conditions and moves back to the sunrise position on daybreak.

If you are planning to install roof mounted solar panels then why not consider installing a solar tracker? We can supply roof mounted trackers if required!

If you are planning to install a ground mounted solar PV array then why not consider installing a solar tracker instead?

Bright Green Energy Ltd has supplied and installed solar trackers across the UK. Our expertise is unrivalled. We can advise and support your installation in numerous ways through either technical advice and support, tracker sizing, base work foundations, planning permission, fault finding, diagnostics and spare parts.

See examples of installed Deger solar trackers

For more information download the Deger presentation. It's 4Mb so if you don't have a fast download link then CALL US and we'll send it to you.

Please call us to discuss your requirements on: 0208 650 9037 For further details and no obligation free advice