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Wind Turbines and Accesories for

Grid Connect and Remote Power (Battery Charging) Systems


Wind Turbines, DIY Kits and Accessories

Wind turbines also known as wind generators or wind chargers, generate electricity from the wind. Wind turbines are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Small wind turbines produce small amounts of electricity and these are usually used to keep batteries topped up. A good example of a small wind turbine is that found in the marine environment that will keep a boats batteries charged. Large wind turbines can be used to produce electricity that can run hundreds, or even thousands of homes. We supply wind turbines from leading manufacturers and they are guaranteed top quality products and the best prices.



(ideal for grid-connect, off grid power, marine power, battery charging and remote power systems)




(ideal for marine, battery charging and remote power systems)

NEW - Rutland 504 - Perfect for trickle charging batteries. Ideal for marine use on board vessels less than 10m in length with battery banks of up to 100Ah. Also perfect for a caravan or motor-home. This wind charger has a small diameter rotor of 0.51m. Only 12V version available.

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Rutland 913 - Designed for marine use on coastal and ocean-going yachts usually over 10m in length. This wind charger can also be used on mobile homes and caravans and is ideal for battery charging. This wind charger has a small diameter rotor of 0.91m rotor diameter. 12v/24V. Use HRS913 regulator to allow up to 100W of solar panels as well. Marine mounting kit available.

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The Rutland 913 Wind Turbine. Ideal for all battery charging purposes

Rutland FM910-3  Furlmatic - For off–grid homes and professional applications. The furling tail system protects against sustained high winds. 0.91m rotor diameter. 12v/24V.

Use HRS913 regulator to allow up to 100W of solar panels as well.

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Rutland 1803 Furlmatic - Use on land based applications where wind speeds are frequently high and sustained over long periods. 1.8m rotor diameter. Available in 12v and 24V. New 3 bladed design now available.

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DIY WIND TURBINE KITS - These easy to install DIY kits are perfect for all off-grid and battery charging purposes. The wind turbine kits contain everything you need in one complete package. They can be used to trickle charge batteries; supply electricity to your motor home or caravan; run your campsite lighting, power your security systems and all without being connected to the electricity grid. Stand-alone (off grid) power systems are flexible, scalable and cost effective.

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Rutland HRDX and HRS Controllers and Regulators - a voltage regulator must be used with the Rutland 503, 913 or 910-3.
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Rutland Accessories and Spares - we supply all accessories and spare parts for the entire range of Rutland wind turbines and chargers. 
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(vertical axis wind turbines for battery charging systems)

The Forgen 500 and 1000 vertical axis wind turbines are ideal for use in demanding or harsh conditions. Superb performance with excellent design and performance make this wind turbine the best choice for demanding environments and applications. Available in 12V.

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Forgen in use on a boat. Perfect for keep batteries topped up.

Wind turbines for marine use.

Great Marine & Land-based wind chargers. Rugged 5 blade design with furling options for higher wind speed areas. Various sizes and outputs. Available in 12v and 24V. Lots of models available. Check out the range and

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Wind Turbines for Grid connect and Off Grid Power Systems

1KW rugged 5-bladed grid-connect wind turbine. Available in 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V DC versions, they are suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and Grid-Tie installations.

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Ideal for remote power and grid-connect systems

Rugged grid-connect wind turbine. Capable of sustained power outputs of over 500 watts in higher winds. It is small and light enough to be easily attached to most building structures.

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If installing a land based wind turbine it is essential that the ind turbine is the choosing of the best possible site for installation. For more information on this subject read our "steps to success".

Typically, you will need an area with relatively high average wind speeds, with little or no turbulence. To achieve this, the turbine is normally mounted on a high tower well above all obstructions. Tower height ranges from 6 metres to 30 metres or more, depending on the site. If you need advice or help, please don't hesitate to get in touch and call or email us.

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